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Roy studied art in college exploring various mediums, watercolor, oil

painting, photography, before graduating with a degree in advertising.

As a successful art director, at some of the nation’s leading advertising

agencies, he was exposed to artists and photographers at the top of their

field. Then the computer revolution came along and added new artistic



His current work explores the confluence of technologies new an old.

Roy creates high-res scans from black and white x-ray film images that

he’s taken, He then manipulates them digitally using a variety of

techniques to create images that both excite and surprise the observer.


Roy Livingston’s work has been featured in numerous online magazines

including: Fast Company and Wired. In 2015 Roy won a Communication

Arts Photography Annual award. His work has been exhibited at the

Art of Simple Gallery in Seaside, Florida and the Hidden Lantern Gallery

in Rosemary Beach, Florida.


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