Color has always had an emotional attachment for me.

Roy Livingston grew up in suburban Detroit. He remembers even at an early age being affected by colors and not just colors, but colors next to colors and how they played off of each other. As a child his parents would encourage him to explore his artistic side, even allowing him to use poster paints and paint scenes that would cover the entire front picture window of their home.

He studied art in college exploring various mediums, watercolor, oil painting, photography, before graduating with a degree in advertising. As a successful art director at some of the nations leading advertising agencies He was exposed to artists and photographers at the top of their field. Then the computer revolution came along and added new artistic tools.

Using these cumulative experiences as inspiration Roy began creating his art. His current work explores the confluence of technologies new an old. I start with high-res scans of black and white x-ray film images, then I manipulate them digitally using a variety of techniques to create images that both excite and surprise the observer.

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